LiMorph – Live electronic music and morphing

By Rene Wooller 29/05/2010

The aim of this site is to distribute some of the outcomes of my research into live electronic music software and morphing algorithms.

LeCo 0.3

Download the LeCo distribution (1.8MB) – unzip and follow the Quick Start Guide.

LeCo (LEMorpheus – Composer edition) is tool for composers to help generate morphed music material that can be used as a transition or a hybrid between source and target music.

You can create short loops of music (recommended 1 to 4 bars) separately in a sequencer, and import them into LeCo. Within LeCo, you will be able to introduce some meta information to the music and configure the settings of the morphing algorithm. After listening to the music generated by the morph algorithm, you can continue in cycles of tweaking the morph algorithm parameters and listening to the morph until you are happy with the result. At this point, the music generated within LeCo can be exported as a MIDI file for further editing within your favourite sequencer and synthesiser.

Current limitations:

Also for new users it is recommended just to use single tracks, for greater simplicity.

LeCo is essentially a non-realtime version of LEMorpheus that is intended to be simple to use and easy to install. It is pure java, which greatly simplifies the setup and longevity of the software. Because LeCo is designed for composers, is it a non-realtime system. Whereas LEMorpheus and LEMu (below) rely on the third party project Midishare to achieve low latency realtime MIDI scheduling and are more difficult to install as a result.

Techniques for Automated and Interactive Note Sequence Morphing of Mainstream Electronic Music

This is the PhD thesis I wrote which has more detailed information about the TraSe morphing algorithm that is used in LEMorpheus and LeCo.

Download the pdf of the thesis (5.2MB), just the text.

Download the complete thesis (768MB), including music and software.

LEMorpheus (LEMu 2)

Download LEMorpheus (for windows) (945 KB)

Download LEMorpheus manual (282 KB)

LEMorpheus is software for live morphing of mainstream electronic music. You can import and edit note sequence loops and connect them to other loops, and configure the morphs that are in between the loops. In realtime you can change the position of the morph index or let if proceed automatically between source and target. LEMorpheus has 'table mode', where each of the parts can be morphed independently using physical blocks that are tracked via webcam on a table top interface.

LEMorpheus development is paused.

Listen to some example music created with LEMorpheus using the TraSe (transform- select) algorithm and the Reason synthesiser:


Look at a video example demonstrating how morphing algorithms may be used in a computer game:

morph using open source 'beige' computer game

LEMu – Live Electronic Music

Download LEMu (782 KB) for windows

LEMu is a software for live performance of mainstream electronic music. You can use it to generate note sequence loops and then manipulate the loops in realtime by twiddling sliders that control a range of transformations. All sliders can be automated and controlled via a MIDI control surface. LEMu includes a sequencer and graph editor.

LEMu development is paused.


Note sequence morphing algorithms for performance of electronic dance music (Digital Creativity - pending)

The paper itself will appear in Digital Creativity.

Example MIDI from figure 4 “Mary had a little lamb” morphing to “Inspector gadget” [4 KB]

Example MIDI from figure 5 “Mary had a little lamb” to "Inspector Gadget" with similarity [4 KB]

Example MIDI from figure 6 Drum and Bass morph [4 KB]

Examples of fully rendered Markov morphing from the focus concert: SwingyToDarkDNBLong [1.1MB], SwingyToTrekno [721 KB], TreknoToDarkDNB [1.5 MB], TreknoToSwingy [676 KB], DarkSwingDarkShort [393 KB]